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Corporate Full (CF)
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Dec 31st
This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

This Membership Type opens to MNC - Buyers / Logistic Service Provider / Security Service Provider:

  • Validation of membership is strictly based on calendar year (1 January – 31 December), as well as the training entitlements and conference entitlements.
  • Fee is charged on an annual (yearly) basis, not prorated.
  • This membership fee comes with the following benefits enhancement:
  • Entitled to 10 Standards Technical (ST) training and 4 Authorised Auditors (AA) training.
  • 4 Conference Entitlements which you can use it to attend complimentary events and conferences.
  • Access to TIS Database / TIS Email Alerts & Reports.
  • Corporate Full member company have three (3) voting rights during TAPA Asia Pacific General Meetings (AGM).
  • Any additional training entitlement required to be purchased at USD500 each. Please contact for assistance.
  • All Bank Charges (local and overseas) are to be borne by applicant. Membership will not be activated until membership fee is received in full.
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Membership Refund Policy

- No refund or prorated balance of membership fee is allowed upon withdrawal.
- Any refunds are subject to management committee's and auditor's approval.