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Discover the power of newly launched, AI-enhanced TAPA APAC Intelligence System (TIS) and learn how this innovative cargo incident database and platform is revolutionizing the way we address supply chain security challenges. Gain a comprehensive understanding of TIS functionalities, its real-time reporting capabilities, and how it empowers you to track and combat cargo crimes effectively.

Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or new to supply chain security, this webinar is your opportunity to enhance your knowledge, stay informed, and leverage the TIS advantage.

What is TIS?

TAPA APAC Intelligence System (TIS) is a risk management and loss prevention tool across TAPA globally which enhances the security and resilience of members' supply chains by providing insights into recorded cargo crimes, as well as information on facilities and trucking operators which meet the TAPA Security Standards.

TIS constantly captures and shares cargo incident data, enabling members to use the latest cargo crime intelligence and its route planning feature to avoid incident 'hotspots', suggesting resilient routes to take to protect your goods in transit. Providing reports of stolen property allows users to monitor current Modus Operandi being used by criminals to attack the supply chain.

Find out more: www.tapa-apac.org/tis


  • Creates a depository of global supply chain security incidents and TAPA certifications stored in a common format to support statistical analyses
  • Recommends resilient cargo routes avoiding crime 'hotspots
  • Aids investigation & recovery of loss
  • Provides a directory of contacts within LEA's, manufacturers and logistics security personnel
  • Facilitates rapid dissemination of incident occurrence and follow-up through TAPA APAC TIS e-Newsletter
  • Proactively prevents cargo loss from reoccurrence and seek for industry collaboration
  • Increases awareness of cargo theft issues at local, national and international levels


1:00 PM - 1:10 PM
Welcome and TIS Introduction
- What is TIS
- Mission and objectives of TIS
1:10 PM - 1:30 PM
Utilizing TIS Intelligence into Supply Chain Operations
- Supply Chain Operational Strategies for TIS utilization: Data, insights and intelligence
- TIS for Risk Mitigation
1:30 PM - 1:40 PM
TIS Showcase & Demonstration
- TIS demonstration showcase: Login, real-time functionalities, data extraction and more!
- Incident reporting
1:40 PM - 2:00 PM
Industry Dive: TIS Implementation & Collaboration
- Cargo Crime, Product Diversion & Risk for Pharma Supply Chain
- TIS Implementation
- LEA Collaborations
2:00 PM - 2:10 PM


  • Jason Kristoffer Arino (TIS expert at TAPA APAC)

    Jason Kristoffer Arino

    TIS expert at TAPA APAC

    (TAPA APAC TIS Working Group - Coordinator)

    TAPA APAC's point person in managing everything TIS related. Actively monitors the supply chain environment's freight crime and compiles these incidents to enhance the TIS database.

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  • Jason Le Busque (Global Head of Security at Toll Holdings)

    Jason Le Busque

    Global Head of Security at Toll Holdings

    (TAPA APAC TIS Working Group - Lead)

    For over 25 years he worked in policing where he managed teams, projects, funding and critical investigations within Victorian Police. Performing diverse roles throughout a significant career running large units across high profile investigations was both a challenging and highly rewarding career. He is proud of the significant contributions and changes that he made across policing systems, staffing, training, and crime outcomes. He consider his time in law enforcement to be both challenging and highly rewarding.

    Motivated to make a deeper impact and to transfer his knowledge gleaned through policing he made the decision to seek opportunities and utilize his experience outside of the police force. Combining a multi-tiered skillset across investigations, training, risk management and program development he has been employed by a Global Transportation Company as a Global Security, Investigations and Compliance Manager. He has enhanced and increased his skill base whilst effecting change in a company undergoing significant transformation that is both robust and sustainable.

    Across all his police, commercial, community and volunteer work his overarching goals have been to be a steadfast and positive role model to minimize risk and build high performance teams, with strong human values.

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  • Madu Lokan (Executive Director of TAPA APAC)

    Madu Lokan

    Executive Director of TAPA APAC


    Mr. Madu Lokan, a seasoned executive in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, is a strong advocate of providing efficient service and value to the logistics and supply chain community. Currently serving as the Executive Director of TAPA APAC since 2021, Madu Lokan is also part of TAPA’s World Wide Council as well as World-Wide Change Control Board for Standards. Madu will lead the front in APAC to enhance Membership engagement, Training services and Audit & Certification programs by utilizing best practices and relevant technology products/services.

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  • Brett Marshall (Corporate Head Quality & HSSE at Zuellig Pharma Holdings Pte Ltd)

    Brett Marshall

    Corporate Head Quality & HSSE at Zuellig Pharma Holdings Pte Ltd

    (TAPA APAC TIS Working Group - Co-Lead)

    Brett Marshall is the Vice President of Quality & HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) at Zuellig Pharma, one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia with a mission of making healthcare more accessible. Based in Singapore, Brett oversees the company's Quality Management System in 13 markets and Quality operations of its Clinical Reach business including 4 additional markets.

    Brett is a strong advocate of positive change for the Quality landscape in Asia. He actively drives key Quality areas of Risk Management in the Cold Chain, Supplier Management and digital transformation of Quality. He is a member of the GDP-UCI Advisory Board, and an Executive Board Member of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society in Singapore. Brett is also a strong supporter of Sustainability and a Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Professional.

    Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Brett has a Bachelor's Degree in Transport & Logistics Management from RMIT. He has 35 years’ experience in Executive Management, Logistics & Supply Chain, Business Process Transformation and Quality Assurance and 25 years in the Pharma Industry. He has lived nearly 30 years in Asia, in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Singapore.

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